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Event and accommodation
Accommodation for guests, registration management, organisation of evening events, transport facilities between various venues, exhibitors’ accommodation and management…are all essential items in the success of your event. 
To be able to offer turnkey services, the accommodation and tourist activities department of Reims Events helps you to organize the stay of your guests..

Guarantee the accommodation for your guests

One of your first worries is to accommodate your guests. Reims Events offers to perform a preliminary room search and to pre-book the necessary rooms. You can then take over these pre-bookings your self, contract its management to a third party or entrust it to Reims Évènements.

Online registration

It’s over with international bank transfers, currency exchange fees and lost mail. By choosing this registration mode, the organiser chooses a simple, quick and safe way to register. Of course, Reims Events is fully equipped with the necessary technical to provide these services.

Unforgettable evenings in Champagne

In order for the guests to keep an unforgettable and sparkling memory of their stay in Reims, Reims Events offers depending on the budgets and desires, private evenings in a prestigious Champagne House, a famous museum, a private estate…. Your guests will not forget the dishes provided by our referenced caterers, nor the musical, oenological or cultural demonstrations.

Manage transport on site
To facilite the transport of guest on site, Reims Events can manage the necessary shuttles to link the various event locations (stations, hotels, Convention Centre, Exhibition Park, gala venue, tourist sites…).

Tourist programs for your guests and friends

A powerful city in the Roman Empire, over two thousand years old, the coronation site of 33 French Kings, Reims is a historical city which deserves to be visited. You are invited to discover its rich and varied heritage through its monuments listed in UNESCO World Heritage, its museums, testimonies of its prestigious past, its champagnes, its gastronomy…
Reims Tourist Office is available to suggest tailor-made tourist activities for your guests and their friends.
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